Universal Citywalk

Remodeling Projects, Painting, Specialty Coatings Universal City, CA

Our remodel and coatings projects include all specialty coatings and paintings of the original City Walk and many projects including:

  • Tenant improvement of the sherrif’s office

  • Remodel of Pink’s Restaurant

  • Painting of parking structure

  • E.T. Motion Picture attraction bridge coatings

  • Food court walls and railings

  • Lankersheim escalator structure

  • Hard Rock cafe

  • Coating of the center court railings, bridges, storefronts and staircases

Replacement of HVAC Chillers & Finishers

In addition to these various specialty projects at both Universal Studios and Citywalk, Vancrest also replaced the HVAC chillers and performing replacement of finishes in the AMC Mechanical Room.