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Partnership and Performance for 50 years

Our focus over these fifty years has been maintaining satisfied customers by working as partners on projects and properly performing our work in an organized and professional manner.  Requirements to maintain that promise to our clients and ourselves:

  • Value. Top quality work at a fair price. 

  • Vigilance over safety and protection procedures.  This includes our current and extensive Company Safety Manual and a full-time Company Safety Officer providing peace of mind to the entire team.

  • Timely completion.  Accurate schedule sequencing and performance.

  • Continuous quality control throughout the project-during the planning and submittal process, throughout performed trade work, and finalized with accurate and complete close-outs

Our goal is to provide quality and long-lasting buildings and systems. One aspect making this possible is our experience, understanding, and in-house specialty work of systems and coatings. A proper and effective building envelope is crucial to the life span of a building.

Our History

With roots in the painting and waterproofing industry Vancrest Construction is unique in our knowledge of the building envelope and how it affects the life span of a building. Our expertise in construction began by examining buildings from the outside-in, as we started off as waterproofing and specialty coatings experts and expanded our knowledge into many other facets of the built environment. Today, the strength of Vancrest Construction lies in our knowledge of finishes, and in our understanding of the importance proper rough construction sequencing plays in achieving a top quality finished product.


Waterproofing / Painting
Restoration / Reconstruction
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